Did God Sovereignly Decree What I'm Doing, or Not?

Let me throw this out for discussion, regarding my previous post concerning God's sovereign decree that I should lead others away from Christianity.

A Calvinist asked:

Is Loftus going to argue that God’s perceptive will and his decretive will are within the realms of “the same respect“?

BTW: I had a master's level class with the late Calvinistic professor Kenneth Kantzer, the "dean of evangelicalism," where we read through and thoroughly discussed Calvin's institutes.

Logical gerrymandering. That's what you do with these two distinctions. Your theology is a sham. Try to actually understand it, okay. I mean, really try to understand it. Either your God ends up acting just like the Arminian God with these distinctions, or your God is completely sovereign. Which is it, in the end?

If God is completely sovereign then God decreed what I am doing (could I have done otherwise?). I am leading people away from him. If I'm effective, more people will die without Christ. People will be in hell as a result of my efforts (according to this God). But I cannot do otherwise. God purportedly decrees this because the people who suffer in hell for all eternity bring him more glory than if they didn't suffer in hell for eternity. This is just laughable to me.

Think about it folks! The belief in the eternal suffering of billions of people for slighting God is one of the biggest problems atheists have with God, and one of the main causes to malign him. How could angels and the redeemed ever praise him for this, especially when those who suffer will be their spouses, children, parents, and friends? And God decreed this? These people could not have done otherwise? But this brings more glory to God than having everyone in heaven? Well glory to God, then. With that kind of glory who needs shame? So shame on God. Shame. Shame. Shame.

God should be ashamed of this...extremely ashamed. People who do such things to other people on earth get locked up in prison and/or are executed. The fact that he is God and thus bigger and more powerful than us makes no difference in the way he should treat us. It just makes him a thug, a horrible gang leader, a despicable potentate. That this brings God any glory at all is simply and absolutely laughable. He's a devil in disguise, who revels in refuse, feces and garbage under the guise of praise.

This sovereign God could have equally decreed that we all loved and obeyed him and that there was no sin on earth and no need for a Savior. Or, he could've decreed that everyone on earth heard and believed the gospel of Jesus. But these two scenarios purportedly don't bring him as much glory as the one we find ourselves in, where he decrees that I should lead people away from him who will suffer for all eternity with the billions (?) in hell.

Where's my laugh machine. I know I have it somewhere. Oh. Here it is.