A Question For Calvinists

I have a question for Calvinists from a previous discussion.

Have you considered what the sovereignty of your God entails? If God decreed that we should do an action, then this also means he decreed that we wanted to do it. This is an inescapable conclusion. Why? Because, unless your God decrees that we should want to do an action, then we wouldn't do that action. So any wrong that human beings do, God must have decreed that they wanted to do the wrong they did.

To continue to blame human beings for the wrong that they do by claiming they wanted to do the wrong that they did, fails to understand how it's even possible for God to make sue we do an action in the first place. We do what we want to do. For God to decree we do an action it must mean he decrees our desires to do that action. Therefore, God is to be blamed for all of the evils in human history.

The alternative is that God decrees that we act contrary to our desires, and if this is the case, God is still to be blamed.