What if you are wrong?

I just joined this blog.

I had a GREAT debate . . . three debates in a row, actually . . . against John Rankin of the Theological Education Institute in Connecticut this week. Topic: "Is the bible full or errors and deceit?" A recording of one of the events will be available.

As I get my notes together, or a transcript, I will post some of the examples here.

- - - - - - -

I won't have a lot of time to jump in to this blog . . . but here is my first contribution.

Based on the mere possibility that there might be a god of judgment, many believers ask, "What if you are wrong?"

As if we nonbelievers have never thought of such a question.

So I turn it around and suggest another possibility, one that would not be any less likely than theirs:

"Maybe there is a god, but he is only going to reward those people who have enough courage NOT to believe in him."

"What if YOU are wrong!?!"

Dan Barker