What to make of Apostates

Evangelicals have a hard time knowing what to make of apostates. The Calvinists such as "Dr." White say that we were never truly saved to begin with. His position is apparently the same as a former Pastor of mine who used to say: "A faith that fizzles at the finish had a fatal flaw at the first."

One problem with this view is that one will never know for certain if they are truly part of the elect until they die. Once they have "persevered in the faith", then there can be certainty that they were truly saved. Until that time one can never really be certain that they are part of the elect. This applies to "Dr." White just as much as any other Christian. It could be that "Dr." White is not truly saved. Perhaps at some future point, "Dr." White will "see the light" and he will also apostasize.

"Dr." White refers to his hero, Jonathan Edwards, on the subject of "true regeneration." He says: "Edwards, in essence, had suggested that the greatest evidence of true regeneration is not the common religious affections that many possess, even in false religions: the greatest evidence of true regeneration in the heart is whether we love those very aspects of God's nature and character that are the most reprehensible to the natural man."

I guess if you love the aspect of God's nature that caused him to order the extermination of infants and toddlers along with their parents in the OT, then that is a good sign that you are truly regenerate. Of if you love the aspect of God's nature that results in him receiving glory for the eternal torment of the unsaved, including those who never heard the name of Christ, then you are truly regenerate.