A Hoax?

The people at Triablogue are having the last laugh. First they did a parody of people at The Secular Outpost (scroll down or search for “Triablogue: Flippant dismissals,” and “The plot thickens...,” where they also did one of us here at DC, Flippant Dismissals . Recently they did one of themselves You Heard it First From Me, where they claimed their own Blog is a hoax.

Another atheist website has asked aloud if this DC Blog is a hoax. Thankfully they decided on their own that it isn’t.

Added note: This atheist site, Godis4Suckers, has retitled their original post from "Is Debunking Christianity a Hoax?" to the present one where they claim Triablogue is lying about us. But I still say Triablogue is not trying to spread lies about us, another misrepresentation by this atheist site, they were just poking some fun at us. There is enough to attack Christian thinking about that we do not need to misrepresent what they intended.


Let me say a few things. In the progression of my thought from Christian Apologist to Atheist I went through several stages. I became a liberal Christian, then a Deist, then an Agnostic, and finally an Atheist. This should surprise no one, since that’s what typically happens as one continues to travel down the road of doubt. In my earlier book I described myself as an Existential Deist and I wrote as one. I initially wrote it to explain to people who knew me why I was no longer a Christian. What I didn’t expect is the attention it would get because I am a former student of William Lane Craig’s. And I took a lot of flack from Christians on discussion groups and sites because they didn’t like my book or that I came out with it. As I continued to think through the issues and discussed things with believers and non-believers, I finally became an atheist. So I extensively revised my book. It is so different in the depth of arguments presented, and the topics I discuss, and even the tone itself, that I renamed it: Why I Rejected Christianity.

Triablogue was probably just poking fun--that is all--and I don't mind having a little fun either. Although, Christians on the web try to discredit atheists as much as they can, so if taken that way, they just did what they repeatedly seem to do to atheists. When they cannot answer our arguments they try to discredit us. And they are trying to make a point about the gullibility of we atheists. Don’t buy into it.

If this site is a hoax, what is it a hoax about? That the contributors listed on the sidebar are not really contributors? What would convince you? Ed Babinski and I asked that Farrell Till and Dan Barker join as contributors to help add some more credibility to our site, okay? Whether they actually post much is to be seen, but I suspect that with the controversy they will. But would that convince anyone? This site is not a hoax. We really do exist as the people we say we are. And the people who prefer to be nameless are really there too. We're not mythic--last time I checked! :-) [As far as the supposed dead-end links go, let us know where they are and we'll try to fix them. Sometimes it's merely the Blogger mainframe itself.]

By the way, if according to Christianity our salvation and/or damnation depends so much on getting at the truth, and we all (atheists and believers) come to such a wide diversity of opinions on what someone writes, even in today’s world when we can check them out, or even if the people themselves exist, or if they are presenting a hoax, then it doesn’t offer we humans much hope of getting at the truth at all.

Even though that atheist site is wrong about us, and they are, I still prefer their kind of skepticism to the gullibility of Christians who believe in fairy tales of miraculous events among superstitious people. So to them I say, keep on keeping on…..

Now, back to our regularly scheduled debates…... where any intelligent comment is welcomed.