One Christian's Opinion About DC Comments

I invited a Christian to come visit this Blog. His blogsite is here where after looking around he said....

After being challenged by the creator of the blog to read one of his posts, I spent some time looking around.

One thing that shocked me was the comments section. People, claiming to be Christian, left some of the most childish, mean-spirited, hate-filled comments that I have ever read in a blog.

Nice job showing the love of Christ.

Boy, that sent them clamoring to return to the Church.

I was more put off by the comments of believers than by the comments made by those running the blog. All the commenters did was to help them build their case of Christianity being a false religion.

When John wrote about his deconversion experience, he stated that one of his reasons for leaving the faith was: "...minus a sense of a loving, caring, Christian community". Well, these people are certainly enforcing the notion of a loving community, huh?

A loving and caring community is vital for the church and people of the church to flourish. There must be grace towards people's short comings, mercy towards their failings, encouragement to approach the future with holiness, a celebration of any and all forward motion people make in their lives, and support when there is struggle.

It's been said that the Christian army is the only army that shoots it's own wounded. I don't wonder why some people leave.

--Surly Dave