"The Case Against Christianity Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This."

Apart from the derogatory remarks made by Steve Hays in this post at Triablogue, he has offered us quite the backhanded compliment while explaining to his audience why he's chosen to target us at DC. He said "the case against Christianity doesn’t get much better than this." Here's also what he said:

The Secular Web is the world’s leading website in the cause of militant atheism.

As such, it has quite a constituency.

A while back, it started a weblog (The Secular Outpost), which is a spin-off of The Secular Web.

This was an attempt to extend its reach. Extend its sphere of influence.

I assume The Secular Outpost draws from the preexisting constituency of The Secular Web.

The Secular Outpost also has a number of links to other secular sites.

DC is one of these. I assume that it gets a lot of crossover traffic from The Secular Outpost.

Of the various links, DC is the only site that regularly assails the Christian faith.

I assume that DC attracts a certain audience because its contributors are ex-Christian and ex-ministers. They have the inside dish, right?

Loftus bills himself as a student of Craig. This has PR appeal.

Well, if someone who trained under a Christian apologist to be a Christian apologist defects from the faith, then what does that tell you about the Christian faith. The more you know, the less you believe, right?

So DC presents a nice, compact target….when you get right down to it, the case against Christianity doesn’t get much better than this.

It is for that reason that Steve and his fellow colleagues have decided to dog us "every step of the way."