The Gloves Are Off!

So far, I have been working on a post-series about the visionary origins of Christianity. I hope to have the last of the posts on the subject up by this weekend. One of the posts I am hoping to write is a detailed rebuttal to Christian apologist Jason Engwer. He has written a post attempting to critique what I have written. However, since I first encountered his post this past weekend, I have had a change in perspective. It was triggered by Jason's post. Part of it was the title. The title sounded very confrontational in tone. I thought that perhaps the title was more confrontational than Engwer had intended but as I skimmed through his post ( I won't attempt to really stomach it until I rebut it in a point-by-point fashion), I noticed that the confrontational tone of his title was no accident. I get the impression that he fully meant it to be as every bit confrontational as the main body of his critique is.

That's when it hit me- Christianity is a confrontational faith/religion. If people find it offensive, that's the way it's suppose to be. This is the reason why many Christian apologists, be it Jonathan Sarfati from Answers in Genesis, James P Holding/Robert Turkel of Tekton Apologetics, Jason Engwer of "Steve'N'Pals"...erm..."Triablouge" are confrontational in their tone. To be polite, friendly, and kind to the opposition is weak and looked down on as "whimpy". This is because Christianity is offensive. It's designed to be this way. Christianity is supposed to be offensive and confrontational to the world and is supposed to offend the world and its "sin". Christian apologists like Sarfati, Holding, and Engwer are confrontational and offensive for a good reason- their faith requires them to be. They won't be nice about it. Contrarily- their approach is a in-your-face, offensive approach that demands an answer from you and condemns you when you fail to give the answer that apologists want-which is conversion. Jason doens't care if I don't like Christianity- he's only interested in seeing me convert-which I cheerfully promise him will never happen. If he doesn't like it, I am not sure of how to tell him politely that I don't give a damn and that he can go to hell for all I care.

Christianity is offensive and confrontational and its intentionally suppose to be this way. If I recall correctly, I believe that my dad once delivered a sermon which he said something to the effect of "If the gospel doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, then you don't really belong in Church". He's right! That's because the gospel is confrontational and should make people feel uncomfortable. One's "comfort zone" is born out of compromise with the world. In my dad's opinion, if you are not running into the devil, it's because you're running in the same direction as him! It's the take-no-hostages, in-your-face, confrontational style of Christians like Engwer that is truly Christian.

Coming to this realization has made me aware of some really disturbing truths. First of all, I cannot be diplomatic with Christianity. How can you be diplomatic with something that's designed to offend and confront you, and, if you allow it to, bully you into confessing it's true and converting you? I learned this the hard way. There's no diplomacy. It's destroy or be destroyed. Secondly, this realization has made me painfully aware of an inconsistency that I have been evading for some time now that I can evade no longer because I am tired of being a whimp about it. Christians live by a double-standard. Christians think it's wonderful for a Christian to convert an atheist to being a Christian but think it's horrible for an atheist to convert a Christian to being an atheist. If Christians are allowed to convert non-Christians, then shouldn't non-Christians be allowed to convert Christians?

Third, many many Christians seem to think that they can be as rude, self-righteous, as spiteful as they want to disbelievers such as atheists, yet atheists have to go out of their way to be as polite, friendly, and kind to Christians, to the point of almost tip-toeing around egg-shells or else Christians scream "Persecution!" Atheists have to be as sweet as pie to Christians but many Christians think they can treat atheists as dirt poor as they like. Fourth, many Christians have no qualms whatsoever about imposing their beliefs on others through personal evangelism, filling the airwaves and television channels with their creeds, yet seem utterly indignant when atheists might do the same. Many Christians have no care in the world that what they say may offend or insult others.

Why is this the case? I fear that it all boils down to what I call an "argument over veracity". If you ask a Christian why Christians can evangelize but atheists shouldn't, many Christians will respond, "That's because our beliefs are true!" If you ask them why they can be as mean to atheists as they like, many will respond "Well atheists are God-haters and so they're going to Hell anyways, so what does it matter? I am still right and they're still wrong so it doesn't matter how I treat them. At least I am right and that's all that matters!" The reason for this, many Christians argue, is because what they believe is true and us damn atheists are just going to have to learn to accept it and get saved!

I say "No!" I refuse to treat Christians with respect while they walk all over me! I refuse to stand by and watch them try and convert while I am suppose to shut up and do nothing. I refuse to let them offend me and just take whatever abuse they dish out while I am nothing but kind to them! I believe that I was a big fool in trying a peaceful and diplomatic approach! If Christians like Engwer can be confrontational, then so can I! If truth and facts are to prevail, then I need to be confrontational! If Jason is looking for a fight, I am pleased to give him one! If he wants to be confrontational...perfect! I plan to give the poor sod a run for his money! If he wants to fight bare-handed, my gloves are coming off then, too!

It's my belief that Christianity is best debunked in a confrontational style! We cannot be nice guys to such a nasty and offensive belief-system. No. To fight it, we have to be informed, and we have to be confident! We have to go on the offense! To this end, I have decided to go evangelical with my atheism and I have decided to actively convert people to skeptical freethought! The buck doesn't stop here though. I plan to actively fight folks like Sarfati, Holding, and Engwer to the very end. I just thank Jason Engwer for opening my eyes up and seeing him for what he really is! I thank Jason; I hope he's itching for a war because he has one if he wants one! I have decided to become a militant skeptic and an evangelical atheist- and I credit this decision to Jason Engwer!

The gloves are off! The war has began!