To the "gay atheist" blog owner of "Discomfiting Christianity"


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So based on his blogger profile I'd like to address the "gay atheist" blog owner of Discomfiting Christianity [I put those words in quotation marks because I do not believe the Discomfiter is gay nor an atheist, but attempting to satirize both.]:

I suggest dropping the balpeen-hammer hints that homosexuals are worthy of derision, and also suggest you leave sarcasm to the experts [read more below]:

The Simpsons as Religious Satire

The Onion [on God]

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...or leave it to Christians who have a more expansive sense of humor:

The Door Magazine [Christians satirizing excesses of fellow Christians]

Ship of Fools [another Christian site run by Christians willing to laugh at their own excesses,including links to other religious satire sites]

Landover Baptist: America's Favorite Church

Not to mention the fact that Catholic wits like G. K. Chesterton were lifelong friends with his atheist and unorthodox friends even though they debated and satirized each others' views, even telling his atheist friend, H.G. Wells, that he saw him going to heaven for all the good he did for mankind, and even writing a novel about a Christian and atheist who wanted to duel to the death, but later came to be close friends (The Ball and the Cross).

Lastly, from what I've read at Tekton apologetics (a sexy female screaming bunny), or in The Best Christian Writing of the Year, there do not appear to be very many Evangelical Christian satirists up to say, Dave Barry level, let alone who could keep up with Voltaire, Twain, Mencken, or stand up routines by Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard, Rowan Atkinson, George Carlin, or movies by Kevin Smith and Monty Python.

I would add that the opposite of fanaticism is not a rival fanatical spirit but simply acknowledging doubts in general and allowing bygones to be bygones, i.e., allowing people to start over, and attempt to get to know each other again.

For such reasons I tend to doubt that beliefs determine ones eternal destiny. Because even interpreting other people's ideas when communicating with them, people that you know, who live in the same time and era as yourself is fraught with difficulty, let alone "biblical exegesis," and trying to make "doctrines and dogmas" sound like nothing but pure rationality to other folks.