A New Atheist/Christian Blog

Daniel Morgan pointed out to me a new Blog on the block. It's called Philaletheia. Here's how it's described:
Somewhere in the blogosphere, two people met on a blog and started a conversation. That’s where this blog began. One is an atheist, one a devout Christian. Both are passionate about seeking truth in their own fashion. Both thought other truth-seekers might benefit from an open dialogue concerning truth-claims, how we know anything, and the nature of everything.

Perhaps you’ve surfed enough to know that atheist/Christian relations are often strained and seldom friendly. One objective of this blog is to listen deeply and learn to talk to one another. Both authors will be contributing thoughts on certain topics, that the other author will be able to respond in the comments along with all other readers.

What I like is that the Christian wrote something on How to Talk to Believers, while the atheist wrote something on How to talk to Atheists.

This is a unique concept, having them both share a Blog. Like them I have always wanted Debunking Christianity to be "a safe place for all involved, be they atheist, theist, or agnostic." I wish them well in their discussions.