What If Allah Exists?

Let's say Allah exists. Since no one can be absolutely sure, this is a possibility, correct? The Muslim God could exist and the Koran could be his word. As an atheist I admit this possibility, so I suspect that Christians who are not absolutely blinded by their faith and upbringing would agree with me here. So with that possibility, let's say you die and you stand before Allah's judgment and he sends you to hell. Christian, what do you say in response? You say "I didn't know." "I thought Christianity was true." Then the Muslim God simply says, "ignorance is no excuse, I gave you many clues." "I even spoke through the atheist John W. Loftus when he suggested this possibility one day on his Blog." ;-) "Now off you go into hell's eternal flames."

Think of the shock of it all! You would be completely and utterly in shock, wouldn't you? And this is exactly what you believe that Muslims and atheists, Jews and Deists will face on the day of judgment with YOUR Christian God? Hogwash. Absolute hogwash. I haven't got the words to express my disgust with this God of yours, and I am dumbfounded why anyone would believe this. I am even more dumbfounded that I believed it for far too long.

Wake up. No intelligent Being would demand that we must believe the right things about him in order to gain entrance into heaven, even if he did exist. This God of yours parallels the barbaric "thought police" in ancient civilizations. This is a democratic age we're living in. We all have various opinions on everything, and these opinions are sincerely held ones. We are tolerant of diverse opinions because educated people realize we will have intelligent differences. But to send people to hell because they disagreed, well, that's barbaric, plain and simple.