One Year Anniversary!

On January 19th, 2006, I posted my first Blog entry here at DC. It’s been one year since the Blog has been in existence. With nearly 146,000 visits and many links to this Blog from other sites, it has gained a respectable audience. I originally didn’t plan on having anyone else here with me, but I saw some pretty sharp thinkers out there and started inviting them one by one to Blog with me, beginning with ex-believer. Then I continued inviting others who had a story that needed to be told. I just want to thank everyone who has ever been a team member here and for contributing his or her thoughts and stories, as well as to those who are presently on it. To those of you who visit and read what we say, love us or hate us, you’re still reading what we write. What did you do without us? ;-)

There is more to come this next year, so stay tuned.