Victor Reppert: "There is a Boatload of Evidence for Theism"

Victor Reppert jumped into an evolution blog by making this claim: "I can't figure out what atheists mean when they say there is a complete lack of evidence. To me there is a boatload of evidence for theism, evidence from the existence of reason, the evidence of consciousness, the evidence of objective moral values, the evidence of man's inherent desire for God, the evidence supporting Christ's resurrection, the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament, the evidence for miracles in the present day, the evidence of the beginning of the universe, the evidence of the fine-tuning of the universe, the evidence of religious experience, the direct experience of God on our personal lives, etc. etc. etc. I can understand someone saying this isn't enough, or the nature of our claims requires a special standad of proof that hasn't met. In which case I would just ask "What would it take?" But to say that there is no evidence??? You've got to be kidding."

His comments have generated a good discussion. How can he say that? Evidence? Arguments, yes, but evidence? A whole boatload? I don't suppose he'd be surprized if I argued in the reverse. ;-)