There is No Christian God!

I've already argued there is no Christian God because of the law of predation in the natural world. My argument is that had God created all creatures as vegetarians and kept us that way, a whole lot of needless suffering could've been avoided. This is a simple change we know is possible because we see it in the natural world.

Here's another reason why the Christian God doesn't exist.

God could've created all human beings as one race of people with one color of skin, and kept us that way. It doesn't matter which race or which color of skin, either. I see no reason why a perfectly good God wouldn't have done that, since there has been so much needless racial conflict because we are not all one race of people. There has been a great deal of needless suffering due to lynchings, beatings, hate speech, racial discrimination and especially race based slavery...lots of it. This is something that a good creator would've easily done differently, if he exists.

And even if God had not chosen to create us as one race, at least he would've told us that slavery was unequivocally wrong. He didn't even do that. One of the ten commandments could've been, "Thou shalt not own, buy, sell, or trade slaves." And if this additional commandment couldn't replace the commandment about honoring the Sabbath Day, or the one about not taking the Lord's name in vain, or if God couldn't have combined two of the other ones to make room for it, he could still have repeatedly said it until there was no denying what he meant.

Many Chritian theologians argue that God was clear about slavery in the Bible. But such arguments are hollow ones. If they themselves were born into the brutal slavery of the South, and if their masters were beating them daily, wouldn't they wonder why God wasn't crystal clear about condeming slavery?

According to Sam Harris, when it comes to the issue of slavery, “Nothing in Christian theology remedies the appalling deficiencies of the Bible on what is perhaps the greatest—and the easiest—moral question our society has ever had to face.” Letter to a Christian Nation (New York: Knopf, 2006), p. 18.

So here we have simple changes a good God should've done differently: Create us all as one race of people in a world filled with of nothing but vegetarians. Just think of the suffering that would've been avoided. There is no Christian God!