Gay Marriage and Coming Out of the Closet

A Republican San Diego Mayor reversed his decision to veto gay marriage legislation due primarily to knowing people who are gay, like his daughter and some staff members.

There is power in knowing someone who believes differently. Real power! The gays initiated a campaign where they called on people to come of the closet. Dawkins has done the same. It's time for non-believers to come out of the closet. We are their neighbors, their friends, and their loved ones. We can make a difference if we simply tell people. Think about it: 1/4th of us may be non-believers!

I understand there is a difference between people who don't believe and those who actively argue against Christianity like we do here at DC. Those who argue against that delusion may not want to tell others they're doing this. But I urge all non-believers to simply tell people the truth, that you don't believe, especially to your friends and family. That's the minimum obligation you have, and it worked with this Mayor. Just think about all of our non-believing forebearers who suffered so much that we might have more and more freedoms to speak out. Your difficulties will be minor inconveniences compared to theirs.

Kerry Walker, for instance, claims he's being prosecuted because he's a non-believer who is writing a book against the Christian faith. There is probably some truth to this. If we came out of the closet this type of stuff will not take place as much. Let's try to end it here and this generation.

[Thanks to the Secular Outpost for calling my attention to this].