"Apologetics is a Blatant Form of Dishonesty"

Russ makes a pretty hard hitting point here when he wrote:

I have two brothers each of whom has a PhD in Philosophy of Religion (went pretty far down that road myself a long while back) and each also has a particular love of Christian apologetics. They see it as puzzles, riddles and conundrums; I see it a philosophical farce. Neither of them believes a word of it, because just like many swear off sausages once they've seen them made, they have seen apologetics in action and both know Christian apologetics to be a blatant form of dishonesty. It's not an honest attempt to discover truth or anything else; it's simply a "do whatever it takes to avoid having anyone know the truth" approach to persuasion. Apologetics is about defending the faith at all costs. In apologetics, truth is almost always the first casualty.