How to Get a Free Autographed Copy of My Book

See link. Andrew Atkinson said this about it:
To me your book is obviously the best single volume in criticism of Christianity on the market. It is just a no contest; I mean really, what even is a close runner up can you think of? There are many good books on Atheism, but there are none that compare to yours when it comes to criticizing Christianity. When people ask me about what books they should read on Christianity, I just tell them to wait for your book, since it is by far the best. The only one that I can think of that is even in the same ball park is Martins Case Against Christianity. But it is a bit too academic for most normal people. Your book is much more accessible, it covers a lot more arguments, it has the best chapter on the problem of evil you can find, it is more interesting to read, it refutes more apologetic arguments then any other book, it addresses more central issues, and you point out all the chinks in the intellectual Christian armor like a champ.