"Nothing Less Than Brilliant:" A Review of My Book.

Below you can read what one reviewer said of my book, Why I Became and Atheist. He joins several others who think it's a pretty good book, including three Christian philosopher/apologists. I only hope it helps people break free from the shackles of faith. Apparently it's helping. I'm grateful.

This book is nothing less than brilliant, Mr. Loftus was a fundamentalist minister for over twenty years, in the book he outlines in a few short pages why he left the church and became an atheist, the remainder of the book is one of the best philosophic, logical, historical deconstructions of Christianity and religion I have yet to read.

His knowledge and education have caused me to re asses my feelings that ministers are closed minded morons and while it surprises me that their education is so rounded it scares me that they can leave a world of academia still clinging to the medieval nonsense they spew.

Why I became an atheist is a must for the new atheist and the most weathered of us.