"Thy Will Be Done on Earth as It is in Heaven": Will God Bless Sarah Palin?

Tonight the conservative evangelical Sarah Palin will debate Joe Biden in the first and only Vice Presidental debate. But with candidate Sarah Palin’s disastrous interviews with both ABC New’s Charles Gibson and CBS New’s Katie Couric, the declining polls show increasing doubt in Palin’s experience and her ability to lead.

As I listened to various Christian radio stations and their morning talk programs this week, I’ve heard time and again the pleading of Christian talk show host for listeners to please pray for Sarah Palin in that God will give her victory in tonight’s debate.

This raises some major points:

A. If God is All Knowing, just why must limited humans tell God what He should do?

B. If God’s Will is to truly be done on earth (as it is in Heaven), then the faithful and righteous Palin should not lose (this will be based of post debate polls).

C. If Palin falls on her face tonight during the debate, just what value is her religion? God states that He would direct her knowledge ( “But when they deliver you up, don't be anxious how or what you will say, for it will be given you in that hour what you will say.” Matt 10: 19).

Finally, since tonight’s debate is in the future and millions of Christians are in prayer for God to support Sarah Palin, this debate will be a great test to see if there is a living “Heavenly Father” who hears His children cry out to Him or whether pray is nothing more than religious thinking = simpy talking to ones self.