The Calvinist God is Evil!

There are things in this video I don't agree with, and certainly neither will Calvinists. But there are a couple of interviews in it that are instructive of the kind of God Calvinists worship. [The script is hard to read so I've posted it below, sorry about the language].

Script of the video:

Have you ever heard of this brand of Christians?

You haven't? Well let me briefly summerize the difference between Calvinism and arminianism...

Calvinists believe in so called predestination coupled with limited atonement
This means that they believe that Jesus didn't die for everyone but only for specific people whom God choose before he created them. And only those people are saved, the rest will go to hell

So basically it comes down to this:
God created a whole bunch of people who are just forever fucked

Yup a fucking cosmic lottery
If you don't have the right number, well that is just too fucking bad
How lovely right?

The calvinist's view is that mankind does have free will, but that free will shall always lead people to hell

Because sinning is just so fucking great right?

So God basically just violated some people's free will so that they would choose to obey him. That way some of the people can go to heaven.

Let me introduce you to some famous calvinists: (picture of the westboro baptist church)

You know how most christians say that God is love and such
Well at least the calvinists are honest to admit that their God is a God of hate... and a little tiny bit of love on the side


Can somebody please kick this guy's teeth in?

Now calvinists will say that God is not obliged to save everybody, since we all deserve to go to hell. It is actually very merciful for him to save at least some.
Now what kind of fucked up logic is that? Because according to calvinists it is in our very nature to go against God. The unsaved people simply CANNOT do anything else but sinning.

This is the important part; we CANNOT choose anything else but sin. It is in our nature to sin, it is impossible for us to either choose to live a sinfree live or to choose to accept God's salvation. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE

So God is going to torture his creatures forever for doing what comes naturally
with no way out...

But calvinists will say that God doesn't make people sin, they do it because they want to (because they cannot want to do anything else by nature)

But if God created our nature, it is HIS fault, not ours.
Of course they have a pathetic answer to this as well.


Okay so God did not fuck us over, but adam did.

So send adam to hell you fucking idiot!

It is impossible for a calvinist to get around the fact that God simply created most people for destruction, even though they are not to blame and have no way out.

If God created evil (or let evil be created by adam, whatever... that is the same thing) then God is infinitely evil for doing so

And everbody who believes, accepts and follows this God is therefore also infinitely evil

And you can see to what kind of horrible people calvinism leads to.

The weirdest thing is that calvinists actually DO evangelize, because the bible commands them to. However, even if they wouldn't the exact same amount of people would go to heaven

So why don't you just go around shooting people in the face? That would work a lot faster right?

Why would anybody's life matter? They are already fucked or "blessed"

Also how are the unelect supposed to live? Their lives are completely worthless since eternal hell is unavoidable for them.

So why shouldn't I just torture as much calvinists as possible in my life?

It doesn't matter right? After all, if I am elect I will go to heaven anyway even if I would live a life of torture and murder.

And if I am unelect, so what? I was simply already fucked from the start. Can't make it any worse right?

Calvinists are simply the sickest psychotic people on the planet and don't deserve any respect whatsoever. They don't give a crap about people so neither should we care about them.

I cannot possibly conceive of a God who is more evil than the God of calvinism. That is not meant as an insult, I honestly cannot conceive of any possible God which would be more evil.

Even a God who would send everybody to hell would not be more evil because at least he would treat everybody equally. I mean if a judge would randomly let murderers go you wouldn't call him merciful or good right?

The only two words which apply to calvinism are: Infinite Evil