The Ever Changing World of Biblically Based Church Dogmas

It’s been said: The Bible said it! I believe it! That settles it!

This is now understood as: The Bible said it! But, based on reality and society, we now reject it!

Let’s consider some major Biblically based dogmas and how church dogmatics has had to reject these same doctrines to keep up with reality and society.

A. The Bible teaches a geocentric universe and the Catholic Church believed it!

In 1992 John Paul II said this view was wrong!

B. Based on the Bible’s view of slavery in 1845 the Southern Baptist Convention was formed believing it!

In 1995 the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution renouncing it!

C. Likewise, fundamentalist Bob Jones University was created for whites only based on the Biblical view that races are to be separated!

In 2008 the University issued a statement renouncing this Biblical teaching!

D. At the time of the Protestant Reformation, the Lutherans, Presbyterians and followed later by the Methodists Biblically refused the ordination of women to the ministry.

Beginning in the mid ‘70’s they rejected the Biblical view of women as subordinate to men and all now fully ordain them!

E. In the same Bible believing confession, Joseph Smith instituted plural marriages / polygamy in the 1830’s.

In 1890 the LDS Mormon Church issued a Manifesto renouncing this Biblical teaching!

F. Based on the same racist ideas derived from the Bible, the leadership of the LDS Mormon said all blacks were not God’s chosen people and were cursed!

In 1978 the LDS leadership renounced this Biblical based background and now lets all dark skin people hold the priesthood.

What’s next to go?!