A Pastor and Apologetics Instructor Says My Book is "Top Notch."

Neal Pumphrey is that Pastor who also teaches Philosophy, Apologetics, and Logic at Central Arkansas Baptist Bible Institute. He wrote:

In Chapter 4 of Why I Became an Atheist, John W. Loftus, proposes the outsider test for faith. He defines the outsider test for religious faith as simply "a challenge to test one's own religious faith with the presumption of skepticism, as an outsider (Why I Became an Atheist, p. 66)." This chapter is being heralded by his peers and has gained Loftus a place of honor among the new Atheists. I would have to concur that the entire work, and this chapter in particular, is top-notch work among all his contemporaries. Until this point, I considered Hitchens to be the best read among the atheists because of his humor and style, but Loftus seems to put forth better arguments that stay on task and address relevant points. I assume this is due to his experience and knowledge gained from once being on the inside.
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