The Fear Factor: Are Atheists and Christians Fearful of the Future Should the Other Side Win This Cultural War?

I hear this coming from Christians, that they fear for their future if atheism gains more political influence, as I do coming from atheists concerning the Christian influence in our society. Are these fears justified? Can we all right now decide to commit ourselves to the separation of churches and state in advance of who wins this cultural war? Will that help assuage our respective fears? In hopes this could help I do. I strongly affirm the separation of churches and state. And although atheism is not a church nor a religion I strongly affirm that there should be no anti-religious test for state office and that no one should teach or affirm atheism in our schools, nor that words like "We Are a Godless Nation" replace the words "In God We Trust" on our currency (even if we would remove the present words off our bills), etc. etc.