Why The “Minimal Facts” Model in Defending the Resurrection of Jesus is Unpersuasive

You can find this critique over at Evaluating Christianity by clicking here.


Corky said...

What first made the resurrection unpersuasive for me comes from the gospels themselves.

"The Jews" remembered that Jesus said he would rise the third day and set a watch but Jesus' own disciples didn't remember that. Even when the women told Peter, he didn't believe it and had to go look.

That's one of my "minimal facts". Not to mention that Peter must have been the most forgetful man who ever lived.

The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...

The Pharisees were afraid that the Apostles might steal His body, but Peter wasn't planning to (neither were the others, for that matter): for them, all hope was simply lost.

Corky said...

Lvka, that's one answer, except for the fact that I can't know what Peter was thinking or planning (or the others).

By the "record", I can know that;

1. Peter (and the rest) had been told what to expect (Matt. 16:21).

2. Peter did not remember this but the Pharisees did (Matt. 27:63).

3. Peter (and the rest) didn't believe the women's report (Luke 24:11).

The women's report should have caused them to remember but it didn't, Jesus had to appear to them in a closed room and remind them of what he had said (Luke 24:33-46).

That must have been a "DUH" moment for Peter.

The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...

That must have been a "DUH" moment for Peter.

It wasn't.