Hell: 20,000 Degrees Fahrenheit And Not A Drop of Water!

Back in 1974,while I was a licensed Southern Baptist Preacher and College Bible Major, the movie The Burning Hell was then being shown at many Bible Believing Churches throughout the Southeast. I was able to attend one such showing at a Pentecostal church in Seneca, SC.

While this video looks cheaply made by today’s high tech cinematography standareds, its affects were on par with such horror flicks of the era as The Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Many Christians who saw it were said to have had nightmares of Hell.

This film looks dumb today, but it’s horrors of the mid-seventies was claimed to have saved many over the reality of an eternal torment in Satan’s Hell.

If you can stomach it, all 8 section are here on Youtube.

Sleep well sinner!