Would You Like to See a Debate Between Dinesh D'Souza and Myself?

Given the failure of Dr. Craig to step up and debate me, Dinesh D'Souza has agreed to do so. D'Souza is the author of What's So Great about Christianity. The students at Virginia Commonwealth University are in the planning stages of this now. Chief organizer Larry M wrote about it in a message to people on Facebook:
Outside of the many attempts from Loftus to get Craig to debate him, others have tried to weigh in. Landon has asked Craig to debate Loftus three times and Craig has denied. We even tried to get Tony from Biola University to ask some of Craig's colleagues to weigh in and they did not put much weight on this.

So, we will keep this group going and hopefully growing for now. Maybe we can convince Craig to a debate as more people join in.

In the mean time... We have an agreement from Dinesh D'souza to debate Loftus. Dinesh has read Loftus' book and was going to write a review...but never did, according to Loftus.

I'm working, as we speak, to get this debate going. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress. The only issue here is that Dinesh requires 10 grand plus travel expenses. Although I find this objectionable, I am working on finding funds for him. Loftus is requiring 2 grand plus travel.

We will try to have this debate at Virginia Commonwealth University, sponsored by the United Secular Alliance (affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance, the Atheist Alliance International, and the Rational Response Squad) and any other christian student club from VCU that would like to help, if money permits. Loftus and D'souza are in agreement and I'm going to try to meet with some Deans at VCU for funding as well as try to lobby some christian groups on campus to fork up some money. If you know anyone who would like to contribute, please contact me. Thank you.

In the meantime, spread the word.
Please do.