The Christian Faith Makes a Person Stupid (Part of a Series)

While I try to be respectful and polite with believers who disagree with me, there are just some things I do not tolerate at all: stupid attempts to justify Biblical ethics. I may make this part of an ongoing series titled: "Fundamentalists Say the Stupidest Things" [FSST]. But Alan is at it again...

Although I already trashed him in a previous post he seems undeterred. He cannot even fathom what God could've said differently about rapists, even to the point of thinking that his "Put up or shut up" demand is a debate stopper when asking me to suggest something else. Is that not utterly ignorant?

You can read what he wrote for yourselves in context, but in light of a different post I wrote about the Ten Commandments my answer to him is this:
"Thou shalt not treat women as inferior persons, nor shall you rape them or force them to marry a man they do not want to marry."
There, that was easy. Given that your God is barbaric I am better than God, and you can quote me on that!

Sheesh. Faith seems to go hand in hand with not being able to think. If this is the ignorant kind of reasoning that makes believers then there is no way in hell they can have any assurance they are right. Alan doesn't even know that he's ignorant!