A Word About My Self-Published Book

I self-published a book that I consider a companion volume to the one published by Prometheus Books (PB) titled, Why I Became An Atheist: Personal Reflections and Additional Arguments. You can see the table of contents on Amazon just underneath the picture of it.

Anyway, if you've read my PB published volume and liked it for one reason or another, then you'll also like my self-published book. Let me tell you about it.

I have had a stalker named Andrew, or Winston Smith, and so many other names I lost track of them all. He goes by the name KC_James on Amazon (along with some other aliases). If you look at the comments to my book you'll see he's tried his very best to make it appear that my books are not worth getting. The reason is because he loves Jesus and my books may lead people away from his personal pretend friend. Some dishonest Christians are like that, I guess. He claims on Amazon that this self-published book of mine "just looks like a cut and past job from his blog."

Well, he's wrong. There are some significant chapters not to be found here at DC that did not find their way into the PB edition because of word count limitations (chapters 2,3,4,14,29,30,31, and 32). There are some additional chapters not to be found here at DC (chapters 21-27). And there are some chapters that further defend the arguments in my PB book not to be found here (chapters 28,33,39,40, and 41), including one on why I reject reincarnation (chapter 44). Then there are several chapters in the first part of this book that help the reader understand me, my thinking, and why I do what I do, all of which have been revised somewhat. And even though a few chapters can be found at DC there are people who might want a hard copy of them anyway. Cheers.