Christian, Tell Us in Advance Which Prayers if Unanswered Would Count Against Your Faith

I recently pointed out how a high profile prayer on national TV was not answered by God. I claim this as yet another piece of evidence that God doesn't answer prayers even if he exists, which he does not. So along come the Christian wannabe apologists, and guess what, surprise...

...they are defending God. You see, they know a priori (on the surface, before examining the case at hand) that God never does anything wrong, ever. They know this. Some of them claim to know this with certainty. But if this is what they think then no amount of evidence will ever convince them otherwise. They laugh in the face of this or that particular evidence to the contrary without realizing that when I point to one specific important failed prayer request it is symptomatic of all failed prayer requests.

Now think about this for a minute. Why would anyone ever judge these cases before examining the evidence? Why would any thinking person ever be put in the position that no matter what happens as the result of prayer God did nothing wrong, ever? You have placed yourselves in a theological unfalsifiable box of your own making. No thinking person should do this. None. For if you will not allow yourself the possibility that God did something wrong by not answering a prayer then you are not open to the evidence. You are, well, brainwashed. I really mean this. It does not matter to me if most people agree against me either, for it is obvious to everyone that most people have been brainwashed by birth into believing in mutually exclusive religions. The question a Christian MUST ask herself is if she is one of the brainwashed ones. [I happen to think most all believers are brainwashed but that's irrelevant for now]. We all agree there are religiously brainwashed people in the world, billions of them, unless you can harmonize all of the religions, but this cannot be done. So are you one of the brainwashed, or not? Remember, brainwashed people DO NOT THINK THEY ARE BRAINWASHED!

I would think that when dealing with unanswered prayers that would further God's glory or help his children he should answer them, especially once-in-a-while on national TV when given the chance! A link to what I wrote can be found here.

Christian think on this. You retreat every single time in the face of an unanswered prayer request by discounting the misses and counting the hits. Every. Single. Time. You even discount the many scientific studies on prayer that show conclusively there is no evidence that prayer helps at all. Again, that's science, as in scientific studies. Not one, but a multiple number of them. And they all conclude the same damn thing. Prayer does no good. None. I really think that honest believers who truly want to know whether God exists and answers prayers would not do what they do every single time. Do you really want to know whether God exists and answers prayer, or not? I think not. That's the hallmark of a brainwashed person in my opinion.

You see, there is always a reason why God didn't answer a prayer, isn't there? So let's do this. Tell ya what, give me one observable scenario such that if God failed to answer that specific prayer you would no longer believe God answers prayer. A prayer you would expect to have answered such that if it's denied you could no longer believe. Or a series of them. At the very least tell me what kind of prayer request, if unanswered, would count against your faith. Go on. Tell us in advance. Only if you do so can I take you seriously when you continually discount the myriad number of failed prayers after the fact.

The answered prayers are easy to explain. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. ;-)