DC Shut Down the Biblioblogger Ranking List!

Yep, last month I ranked eighth place over more than 350 Bible Blogs. It annoyed them so much they decided to quit doing the list, especially since they could see I was climbing it this month! Ha! One lone secular Bible Blogger shut it all down! They could see me coming and we can't have that, now can we? Jim West decided to do one himself anyway and among the top ranked Blogs from last month DC climbed to 6th place! Here's who made it to the top 15 (notice West couldn't bring himself to list the names of our Blogs, 'cause who wants it known that "Debunking Christianity" beat out so many of them):

Okay, okay, this was all tongue-in-cheek. Just the same here are the top ranked Bible blogs for December:

Jim West - 59,164
Joel L. Watts - 68,282
Dave Black - 204,856 (up)
James McGrath - 227,941 (up)
Jeff Oien -253,197 (up)
John Loftus -258,422 (up) [actually on 12/29/09 I was ranked 223,352]
Henry Neufeld - 270,590 (up)
Jeremy Thompson – 315,118 (up)
Matt Dabbs - 329,638
T.C. Robinson - 369,624
Brandon Wason – 403,100
Ferrell Jenkins - 427,259 (up)
Jim Linville - 451,082 (up)
Peter M. Lopez - 455,228
Stephen Smuts - 522,309

No wonder Jim West wants to keep it alive, right?