Free Will in Heaven?

Under Christian theology, humans have the free will choice to accept or reject God and to follow or reject the temptation of sin. Assuming this version of reality is true, what happens when you go to heaven? Do you stop wanting to sin? Is it impossible to sin? Or can you still choose to reject God and be sent to hell?

I would guess that most Christians never think about this. And it brings up a number of questions.

If you stop wanting to sin in heaven:

1. If sin is a choice in heaven, you can still be immoral and harm other people. Thus making heaven an imperfect place.
2. The only deterrent to evil behavior is fear of consequences and guilt. If heaven has no fear, guilt or consequences, what is stopping people from evil behavior?
3. If God has the power to stop people from wanting to sin in heaven, why can’t he do it on earth?

If God makes it impossible to sin in heaven:

1. Why not bypass earth and create all people in heaven? Does God get joy from watching people suffer? Why put his “beloved” humans on an imperfect planet? Is our existence on earth some sort of twisted game?
2. If your free will taken away from you in heaven, how is that a reward? Do you become a slave with every day controlled like a mindless robot? If your free will is taken away, that makes you a prisoner.
3. Lastly, how did Satan fall away from God if he couldn’t sin in heaven?

If you can reject god and/or sin in heaven:

1. If you can sin in heaven and be sent to hell, how is it different than earth?
2. How could evil things happen in a so-called perfect place?
3. People would spend eternity avoiding sin and fearing God’s wrath. That doesn’t sound like a joyful eternity.

The idea of a perfect Christian heaven is flawed no matter how you look at it. Either you are a mindless drone, or God is some sort of ruling dictator in heaven still threatening people with hell. Under either description, heaven isn’t a perfect place.

Or there is always the possibility that heaven is an imaginary place invented by ancient Jewish men.