Idiot of the Year Nominees Now Being Accepted

Suggest them here or over at Atheist Revolution. Jim West anyone? After all, look what he thinks of atheists:

He wrote:
In comments on Psalm 14, John Calvin writes:
The fool hath said. As the Hebrew word נבל, nabal, signifies not only a fool, but also a perverse, vile, and contemptible person, it would not have been unsuitable to have translated it so in this place; yet I am content to follow the more generally received interpretation, which is, that all profane persons, who have cast off all fear of God and abandoned themselves to iniquity, are convicted of madness (emphasis is Jim's).
Well said, John. Atheism is insanity. Hence, there’s no more point in arguing with (or even discussing things with) an atheist than there is in walking into an insane asylum and attempting to carry on a lucid conversation with persons utterly devoid of the gift of lucidity.

I venture to say Jim West just doesn't personally know an atheist. What a complete intellectual buffoon to be quoting with approval the writings of someone who sanctioned the killing of heretics.

If Jim West had the political power does anyone doubt what he'd do with it? There's no point talking with someone as deluded as this. As far as I know he's more pleased I'm linking to him so his rankings go up. That seems to mean more to him than anything.