A Major Survey of What Philosophers Believe Just Released.

David Bourget and David Chalmers have released the results of the largest survey of professional philosophers ever conducted. There were 931 respondents from 99 leading philosophy departments around the world. Luke over at Common Sense Atheism tells us some of the results:
Here are a few important results:

72.8% atheism
14.6% theism
12.5% other

59% compatibilism (usually a rejection of contra-causal free will)
12.2% no free will
13.7% libertarianism
14.9% other

56.3% moral realism
27.7% moral anti-realism
15.8% other

49.8% naturalism
25.8% non-naturalism (but not necessarily supernaturalism)
24.2% other

75% scientific realism
11.6% scientific anti-realism
13.3% other