Still Another Christian Takes the Debunking Christianity Challenge

I'm becoming encouraged as Christians, one after another, are showing me they are really interested in the truth. How can they be if they never actually read the opposing literature? I have read and taught the other side and I claim the other side had better arguments. And I'm challenging Christians to do the same. If they come away thinking otherwise, then so be it. At least this shows they are interested in the truth.


I commented a few weeks back. I have been "lurking" on the blog ever since. Reading everything, but yet to leave another comment. I first want to say to you that I applaud your effort to dialogue with atheists and theists alike. I wish more folks were more willing to talk and less likely to attack.

I ordered your book and it should be here within a day or two. This is the book you suggested someone start with when taking you up on the challenge. So, I am saying that to say, I'm taking you up on the challenge.

My background - degree in Religious Education, MA in Youth Ministry, currently in my 2nd year of a PhD in Family Science. The teens I work with a lot of questions and they deserve intellectual thought out answers, rather than the quick-to-mind patented Bible answers they have always received.

I will be honest...I'm not expecting my opinion to change. But, you are right, I like many others have only studied from one point of view. I pledge that I will be open, and will do my very best (I'm a work in progress mind you) to read and seek with a clear mind, rather than from a defensive mindset.

I will reopen my blog after your book arrives and try to keep a running tab on what I'm experiencing.

I hope that my daughter (now 7 weeks old) will be able to learn from my experience to take nothing at face value and to study hard, and think for herself. Thank you for the challenge.


Bobby's comment is the sixth one down after this post.
Surely there are others! Come on, what do you have to lose? If your faith survives you could be a great apologist and defender of the faith as well as knowing what you believe is true. If not, then you're faith was not something worth having in the first place. It's a win/win situation. You will be much better informed and education is its own reward.