This is How it's Done Right: Taking the "Debunking Christianity" Challenge for 2010

It appears that an amateur Catholic apologist has decided to take my Debunking Christianity Challenge. This is how it's done right! Any other takers? I said:
I have a challenge for Christians. It’s a challenge few will take up, but let me offer it anyway, even though many expert Christian apologists have done it without a loss of faith. Other Christian thinkers struggle with their faith because they have done what I'm about to ask Christians to do. Still others....end up rejecting our former faith. Do this. I’ll call this the Debunking Christianity up on all of the top Christian apologetics books and then [decide] in fairness to read all of the top skeptical books....Come on…what are you afraid of? If your faith can withstand our arguments then you will be a better informed Christian with a much stronger faith. If your faith cannot withstand our arguments then your faith wasn’t worth having in the first place. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! Link.
This is what he plans to do. A report of his findings would make it's own publishable book.