Atheists Always Win in Debates

Yep. That’s what I think. We're always winners. Let me explain why I think this.

In the first place, most Christians do not read our books so the only chance most of them have to consider our arguments is during a debate. But once they do hear us debate they are more likely to read our books. At the book signing after my debate with Dinesh, more than fifteen people bought my book for instance. And since they had fifty copies available still others will buy them who didn't make it over to do so. What, do you think they'll just throw them away or something?

Second, it legitimizes us in this Christian dominated part of the world. You do not see debates over racism or the Holocaust because those views are rejected out of hand. To see so many recent debates between Christians and atheists is encouraging, for Christians are forced in this era to come to terms with us and that’s a good thing.

Third, most Christians have never met someone whom they know is an atheist in person. Just watching us debate is an experience in and of itself. While believers listen they are forced into considering why we do not believe, and surely this alone will cause them to reflect on why they do. As they listen they can see quite plainly we have reasons for our non-belief, even if they disagree.

Fourth, because they might become intrigued by our position they may read a book or two or more that further argues our case. Even if we lose a debate this is the case. For if we lose the debate they may ask themselves why any thinking person could accept what we do. And if that happens it may take them on a journey to understand our thought process better. And when they do they'll encounter our reasons in the available literature.

Fifth, I have never watched a debate where the atheist did not offer up for consideration something that a believer had not considered before, even if it's acknowledged he or she lost the debate. We sow seeds of doubt that may cause further reflection. You never know what we may have said that could later cause massive doubt as the believer studies the issue out in the months and years to come.

Sixth, the very fact that the question of God's existence is debatable means it's not obvious that he exists. And this too can be quite unsettling with the believers who are completely assured that their God exists.

So in these ways atheists always win in debates.