Why People Walk Away From Their Faith

I had previously wrote about Ruth Tucker's talk to the Freethought Association of West Michigan, in which she gave 5 myths about those who walk away from their faith. See here. Ken Pulliam recently mentioned this talk and highlighted the fact that Tucker went on to list the real reasons people give for leaving their faith:
1) The study of science & philosophy

2) The sense of absence of any caring God

3) The critical examination of the scriptures.

4) Disappointment in God

5) The hypocrisy of Christians

6) The perception of a dogmatic anti-feminist and anti-homosexual stance of fundamentalist Christianity.

As I said in my book I was hit by so much at once that I cannot say which of the first five was a dominant reason for me leaving the fold. They all hit me at the same time. #6 played a minor role.

Like Ken I would be interested to hear from others as to why you abandoned your faith.