Christianity is At Best Only Possibly True

Yep, that's what I think and I can demonstrate this.

There are always some anomalies, or unsolved mysteries, that have not yet been solved when we hold certain things to be true. When it comes to these anomalies we place them on the back-burner and hope future discoveries or evidence will surface to help us solve them. And we can legitimately try to offer possible scenarios for why we think these anomalies can be solved. These possibilities are not considered probably true, but only possibly true. In the meantime we interpret them in light of a greater set of background ideas we hold to be probably true.

My claim is that in order to maintain and defend Christianity the Christian must resort to offering possible scenarios at almost every turn. My claim is that the more they are forced to resort to these possible scenarios then the less likely their background knowledge is true which forms the backdrop to legitimately use these possible scenarios in the first place.

This is the whole reason for my Reality Check posts. At almost every turn the Christian faith is based on possibilities. So Christianity can only at best be shown to be possibly true. There is no probability to their background knowledge at all, so resorting to possible scenarios is all they have. Since that is clear to demonstration the Christian faith is only possibly true, not probably true. And who in their right mind would commit their whole life to a possibility? No me. I don't think any knowledgeable person would.