Quote of the Day, By Russ

Wow! Now here's something to ponder from Russ:
So, why might I hate Christianity so much? Hmmm, let me see.

Christianity observably doesn't work. The whole fable-based structure of Christianity is a lie. I hate lies. I hate liars. I hate those who lie to children. I hate those who sponge off the benefits of science while trying to destroy it. I hate people who rape children and I hate people who do not have the moral fortitude to stop supporting rapists. I hate those who exacerbate plagues like the African AIDS plague to achieve religious conquest. I hate people who have allowed themselves to be so morally weakened by religion that they would kill their children at the urging of a Christian clergyman. I hate people who would allow their children to die from easily treated afflictions. I hate people who deny science to prop up old superstitions and magical thinking. I hate frauds and cheats and charlatans. I hate people who use today's technology to deceive. I hate people who take money from others knowing the money is desperately needed by the one giving it. I hate that people who infuse rot into the mind of a child with observably useless superstitions like prayers and observably impotent gods.

That's just a start. Among the Christianities there is a whole lot to hate.