“10 Reasons I’m Extremely Hesitant to Debate Christians”

So says The Wise Sloth. See what you think:

1. Christians are close minded.

2. Christians don’t play by the rules of logic.

3. The Bible is true because it says so.

4. Every Christian is an expert. Every non-Christian needs to study more.

5. Non-Christians take every passage out of context.

6.The Bible contradicts itself.

7. The Old Testament is obsolete…except when its the word of God.

8. The Bible is the word of God…except when it’s not.

8. Everything is a metaphor…when it’s convenient.

9. Christianity is a moving target

10. If all else fails, you’re going to hell.


Okay, okay, he can’t count, or he thinks there are two parts to #8. In any case see what you think of his reasons.