It's Possible to Change Minds Against the Overwhelming Odds

Pardon me here. I'm not bragging. I'm just astounded that what I do is making a difference against the overwhelming odds, as I wrote about earlier. It's encouraging to me personally. Here are three such stories:
Well, I am (was) a five-point Calvinist, Reformed Baptist type, who recently lost my faith thanks to the two books by John Loftus (see? I didn't make it very far into the challenge). Losing your faith hurts a lot, and frankly, has made me angry because it feels like something very precious has been taken away from you. Then you think about it more, and it makes you even angrier and ashamed to be deceived into believing something so totally false and unworthy of the time and talents wasted on it. Then after some time, anger leads to depression. But I see a bright, glorious light at the end of the tunnel, and as far as I can see, it is not an oncoming train like the theists assured me I needed to fear. So, thank you, Mr. John Loftus. It's hurt like hell, but so far it's all been worth it! Link
Then there is Roscoe, and Kid A. I wish they would use their real names, but it's good to hear anyway.