Why Do I Bother? It's Who I Am.

Apparently I'm a lightening rod. I get slammed almost daily by people on all sides. So why do I bother? It's who I am.

There is a lot of misinformation about who I am and what I'm doing. For Christians the goal is to poison the well in a misinformation campaign that has had some success. Some atheists have apparently bought into it. There is little I can do about this.

I am really nobody. I do not attend atheist meetings. I don't go to atheist conventions to rub shoulders with others either, unless I'm asked to speak (it's just too expensive for me). I'm not a member of any atheist organizations (there are too many and not enough money). All I do is write in a small little room packed with so many books and equipment it's hard to maneuver around.

What keeps me going are the few people who encourage me. No, I don't really have a big audience in the big scheme of things. But I do appreciate very much the audience I have. I cannot put out all of the fires. And no, I'm not "all that" either. I never claimed to be. I'm just one voice. I do not speak for others. I never claimed to do so. I'm just a passionate man who is doing all he can do to promote science and reason. This is who I am and nothing more. If you like my work that's all that matters to me.

Those who read my blog know that my goal is to reach evangelical Christians. That's my target audience. People can fault me for this all they want to. It's my niche. That's what I know best. In order to reach them I must communicate in ways that they understand. And I do. Some atheists don't understand this. Many others do. Some think I'm a militant atheist, whatever that means, so they want to distance themselves from me. But I'm just making my case, that's all. Many think I'm ignorant. So what's new? I've already admitted this.

Since I target evangelical Christians they personally attack me for this. I would really appreciate some understanding here. That's what we can expect. The only way to stop these personal attacks would be for me to stop blogging and writing, which is what they want, and is also the reason I won't stop. The fact that they attack me means one thing; they think I'm a threat. Whether a few atheists understand this or not doesn't really matter to me since I know what I'm doing.

I can only do what I can do. And I really am grateful for the few who understand this. If I can reach just a few people then that's good enough for me. The repercussions of changing even one person's beliefs exponentially flare out into future generations. It's for these people I write. And I will continue.