For the More Philosophically Minded

Three noteworthy items have been made available by Keith Parsons and Wes Morriston.

Keith Parsons on A Simple Statement of the Problem of Evil.

Wes Morriston on Beginningless Past, Endless Past, Endless Infinite.
One of the principal lines of argument deployed by the friends of the kalām cosmological argument against the possibility of a beginningless series of events is a quite general argument against the possibility of an actual infinite. The principal thesis of the present paper is that if this argument worked as advertised, parallel considerations would force us to conclude, not merely that a series of discrete, successive events must have a first member, but also that such a series must have a final member. Anyone who thinks that an endless series of events is possible must therefore reject this popular line of argument against the possibility of an actual infinite.
Wes Morriston on God and the Ontological Foundation of Morality
Abstract: In recent years, William Lane Craig has vigorously championed a moral argument for God’s existence. The backbone of Craig’s argument is the claim that only God can provide a ‘sound foundation in reality’ for morality. The present article has three principal aims. The first is to interpret and clarify the account of the ontological foundation of morality proposed by Craig. The second is to press home an important objection to that account. The third is to expose the weakness of Craig’s case for saying that without God morality would be groundless and illusory.
Hat Tip to exapologist for Morriston's articles.