Are Christian Apologetics Getting Better and Better?

That's what I heard William Lane Craig say (although I can't remember where). I think the truth lies elsewhere. Christian apologists have been forced into gerrymandering around the evidence against their faith, that's what has happened. And yes, they do this very well. So it sounds like they're getting better only to the deluded. Take for instance the scientific mysteries of today, like the puzzle of quantum mechanics, the physics of black holes, the possibility of wormholes, the possibility of life on another planet, of the multiverse theory, and so on. I think it's just that science has created a greater number of new mysteries that they are in the process of solving, for one thing. Back a thousand years they had mysteries to solve too, but they pale in comparison to the number of gigantic mysteries today. And faith always finds a foothold in mystery. The point is that it was science, not faith, that solved the mysteries of the past, and it's science, not faith, that has opened up the number of new and greater mysteries today. What do you think?