Time For Some Fun

Fun Bible Questions, by my friend Matt Hensley:
So, I thought I would help John with his blog and add a little humor today. I mean let’s face it: It’s been WAYYYY to serious around here lately. So I put together a list of fun questions to ask about the Bible. Feel free to cut loose and answer them in a fun way. After all, even super serious all knowing Atheists like us need to cut loose a little, right? Here we go:

1. If Jesus was such a good carpenter, why couldn’t he nail Mary Magdalene?

2. Did god design woodchucks with a predetermined level of wood chucking ability?

3. Why did Noah bother to save the Dodo bird, if god knew beforehand Christian sailors were going to eat them all?

4. If Solomon was so smart and holy, why did he get married 300 times?

5. Was Jesus a cheapskate? I mean seriously, loaves and fishes? Steaks and Lobsters would have drawn a bigger crowd.

6. Isn’t there something a little wrong about 13 guys wandering around the countryside “laying hands” on people?

7. Don’t you think god would draw more people to church if it was more like a magic miracle show every Sunday instead of an accountant convention?

8. What the point of being able to perform miracles if you can’t make a tiger disappear every time one tries to eat an Indian child?

9. God demands 10%. In the old days sacrificing and burning 10% of the flock was how he got paid. So why don’t churches set fire to the money they collect every week as a deposit into gods bank account?

10. Why was god always screwing with the Israelites? You’d think he would have spent more time ruining their enemies.

11. God invented everything. Therefore, god invented masturbation. How often do you think god does that? Is that why it’s been snowing so much lately?

12. Back to Solomon: with all those wives and concubines, how did he have time to do anything but have sex?

13. Why did god give all the oil to the Muslims and communists, if he loves Christians and Americans so much?

Thanks for reading and hopefully you had some fun. I’m outta here!!!!