The Rest of the Story About Me

I ran into an acquaintance friend today who said to me, "Are you still a crusader John?" So I asked him why it's crusading to share what I know. I don't force people to visit my blog. I write for people interested enough to read what I write. When I travel to speak for groups, they are the ones who invite me. I don't force my books on anyone either. In fact, I don't personally care if any particular Christian who reads what I write remains in the fold. I have bigger goals than any one person. So in the interests of dispelling other potential myths about me, here goes...

1) I do not claim to know more than others, especially when it comes to science. Why should that matter? I fully understand the method that makes for science though. And I don't think I am better than anyone either, nor that I have better arguments. I learn from everyone. Stop trying to read my mind if you think otherwise. ;-)

2) So far I have consciously chosen not to criticize other atheists. That's not my responsibility. It gains the atheist community nothing when we criticize each other.

3) On this blog the only person I totally agree with all of the time is me, surprise! If I link to something, then sometimes it's to provoke a discussion and that's it. So don't assume I agree with everything I link to.

4) I do not usually write for atheists. I am not preaching to the choir. If I don't meet Christians on common ground I won't meet them at all, so I do. If this makes some atheists uneasy, then so be it. I do hope though, that atheists enjoy what I write and recommend it to others.

5) I don't give a damn about any skeptical pet peeves, like what to call ourselves, the precise meaning of the words "atheist" and "agnostic," or the historicity of Jesus. I think he existed, got that? I will not let myself be sidetracked by wasting time debating this non-issue, or be badgered into conformity. Inevitably, someone who won't be able to sleep until he or she tries to persuade me differently will make an issue of it below.

6) I could write against the liberals if I chose to do so. I just choose not to. Devout evangelicals are my target audience. If Christians think I'm not addressing "True Christianity" then first settle what that is among yourselves. Come back when you do, and I'll debunk the consensus. ;-)

7) I'm not usually abrasive unless provoked or met with utter stupidity. I seek a respectable discussion among my peers of the ideas that separate us. Of course, any two-bit hack who can quote a Bible verse thinks he can engage me. These people irk me to no end. That's why I am so very thankful for my "peeps" in the comments section who help me out. They speak for themselves just as I do.

8) I cannot get just anyone to write a chapter for one of my books. I have been turned down several times by several authors. So don't fault me if you think "so and so" should be writing a chapter and didn't.

9) I do not claim to be an atheist spokesperson, much less "a leading atheist spokesperson," as my publisher has dubbed me. Publishers want to sell books so that's what you'd expect them to say if they think they can.

10) I am first and foremost a freethinker, at least that's how I see myself. I follow the evidence wherever it leads me. I'm doing the best I can with what I know in hopes that our combined efforts will change the religious landscape. I'm just glad and humbled to be a part of it all, and I appreciate your encouragement and support.

Other than this, life is good!

Back to your regularly scheduled programing...