More From My Old Deluded Friend

A former member of a church I ministered at is back, and still trying to save me. Here is our latest exchange which is a bit blunt:

He is in blue and I am in red:

I am incapable of changing your mind...but God is not...that's why I seek His assistance on your behalf DAILY. You CAN'T win John.
Then step aside and let him. He does not need you. In fact you are getting in his way because all I see in you is hand waving from a deluded person.
WHAT ARE YOU AFFRAID OF? I think we both know the answer to that. YOU ARE TOTALLY TERRIFIED that the information in the book will HIT A NERVE because it makes sense. That, John, is PARANOIA.
When it comes to Christianity there is nothing important you can tell me that I do not already know more about than you do. Nothing! That you think you can is being ignorant of your own ignorance.
Friends don't let friends go to HELL without a fight.
Such a delusional faith you have my friend. Then save me from Allah's hell. I hear it is more frightening that Yahweh's hell. Save me from the Calvinist's hell, the KKK hell, the snake handler's hell, Fred Phelp's hell, the Jehovah's witnesses hell, and so forth--hells you will experience with me if we're wrong. Of course, there is nothing to save me from the liberal view of a universal salvation, now is there? And for all you know I might go to the Catholic Purgatory and then be redeemed in the long run, or have a second chance when I die. So many choices, why are you fixated on the one to the exclusion of the others? I know. It's because you were raised to believe what you do just like others. The Muslim who considers his doubts is deathly afraid of Allah's hell, deathly afraid. Your warnings to him would be laughed at because he does not consider Yahweh's hell to be any threat at all, just as you would say of the other hells I risk. So when I realized I was risking so many hells I didn't think it to be a stretch to risk one more. They are all empty threats.
My fight is NOT with you, it is with the DEMONS that control you. Give it up, John. Those LEGION are being exorcized as we speak.
There are the equivalent demons in the Muslim world, the djinn. Are you being exorcized as we speak? Give it up, Bill. You are obviously more concerned about me than your God is, for he can change my mind easily by taking away my critical thinking skills (the ones he gave me) so I would believe as you do. If he can convert Saul on the Damascus road, and change the minds of Mary and Joseph, Moses, Gideon, and the Pharaoh without abrogating their freedom then he can do that repeatedly, but refuses.
You feel that, don't you? I know you do, that's why you are fighting back so vigorously. Fight on...YOU CAN'T WIN.
A more delusional statement has ne'er been uttered. You don't believe me do you, when I say this is abysmally not true at all in the least. That's the mark of a delusion, ignoring my plain statement to the contrary. I will not carry on with someone who denies my statement to the contrary for it's saying I am not an honest person when I deny it.
Greater is HE who is in me than he that is in YOU, the ruler of the world. And you know who that is, intamently. He controls you...but not for long. Lord God, release John from the evil Legion who controls him...I emplore you in the name of Your Holy Son, Jesus Christ. In His Name I PRAY...AMEN!
Ignorance, pure and utter ignorance. It's as if you never cracked open my book where I discussed unanswered prayer.
Blind as a bat you are, and ignorant to boot.
Stop this madness or I may have to block you.

I'm afraid I'll eventually have to block him. Shame, really.