My Poll at the Right

People have objected to my poll on what arguments led you to reject faith. Some people say there are other options. There are always other options unless I construct a poll ten feet long. If the suggested answers do not apply to you then the poll does not apply to you. I'll tell you what though, if dismissing one's religion causes people to reject their faith then they are more prone to peer pressure than a reasonable person should be. So I put it to you. If you rejected your faith because people dismissed it then are you a rational person? Hell, I do not care how many people dismiss what I think if the arguments are not there. Get it? ;-)

[Edit] The results of the poll after four days are as follows:

What arguments led you to reject faith?

Arguments from people who dismissed it 67 (15%)

Arguments from people who understood it 111 (25%)

Both 250 (58%)