Quote of the Day, by the Cynical Cipher

I agree with the evangelicals about almost nothing, but I do agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with humanity - but not for the reason they think. They see it in terms of "sin" (which, as you know, originally meant "missing the mark" but which they've redefined to mean "rebellion"). As I've said many times, I'm convinced it's neurological, and the slowly growing body of evidence is beginning to bear this out. They're programmed for authoritarianism; there is a biological imperative causing them to see reality in terms of rigidly-defined hierarchical structures, and they've been told for generations by the authority figures in which they're completely invested that they're in a state of rebellion against a supreme authority, and that they deserve the most extreme consequences. I've also recently become convinced that it's coupled with what used to be called "psychopathology", but is now called "antisocial personality disorder". Lack of empathy, willingness or eagerness to see others suffer - the indicators are there; it just doesn't get recognized as such because, as you also know, in this society religion gets a free pass.

You can change the cultural factors - the educational system, their early childhood environments (well, you can try) - but you won't change who they are. The vast majority are like your acquaintance - and, even if they can change to some limited extent, what is the motivation for them to do so? What do we offer them? All we have is an impersonal, uncaring universe. Their belief system promises them eternal keggers and Nascar rallies, while they get to watch everyone they despise (which turns out to be just about everyone) being tormented forever. You know there's no way to wean them from this....When you interact with them, don't get your hopes up. It'll be easier for you in the long run, and you won't be so devastated when they disappoint you, which they almost invariably will. Link