I'm Serious About the Poll at Right

When faced with the probability that all I'll ever be is an atheist author/blogger making a few hundred bucks every six months along with some money every month from Amazon referral fees, I'm at a crossroads in my life. Do I continue with hope (not faith) that I can make a living at this, in addition to my carpet cleaning business in a small town where a significant minority of people won't hire my services because they know I'm an atheist? Or get a different job, or a second job, severely limiting my effectiveness as an atheist author and blogger. I have made some sacrifices willingly with no expectation of reward. It's what I wanted to do. Now what? Don't pat me on the back. Be honest.

Results of the poll:

Haven’t I Already Done Enough?

No, we need you more than ever 52 (15%)

What you do still helps 69 (20%)

First finish up a few things 5 (1%)

Take a needed break, relax 114 (33%)

Yes, move on with your life 65 (18%)

We can get along fine without you 38 (11%)